Do you agree that the Yes campaign got sent homeward tae think again?

Asks our zealous correspondent Durty Trix

Aw yoose shid jist dae whit a want ye’s tae dae said a short arse ex-luvvie shuggy at the Just Say Yes Declaration of Multiplex Seven last week.

THE CON MEN behind the Just Say Yes campaign to win independence have been sent homeward tae think again, just days efter it wiz launched.

The move came efter a bunch of Twits fun oot that they were being listed as Yes men in the same mould as other Blairite style SNP drones.

In future the GetiRightUpYe’s.con website will only feature those who have actively signed up such as Robert De Bruce, Wee Wullie Wallace, Rabbie Burns and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Campaign organisers denied that they had been ‘fun oot’ despite sporting ridfaced beamers wi’ a greater megawattage output than a Donald Trumpton wind farm.

The website was launched by the Parcel O’ Rogues™ ‘Just Say Yes’ campaign last Friday, in which Sun King Alex of Salmond blessed the congregation with his presence.

The Firstminster set a target of one million people to sign the Declaration of Multiplex Seven before the phoney referendum on 18 Oct 2014.

Scots Labouring MP Rustler Broon said the change was the worst thing short of armageddon that could have happened to the Just Say Yes campaign.

He said: “Fir the last 3 hunner year, the Cybernats campaign has insisted it did nothing desperate by misrepresenting a bunch of Twits.”

People interfering with the website using antisocial media had been featured under the phrase, “Powered by a genuine Caledonian/Chinese rocket, just like you.”

But this practice will now stop, following what a campaign bore described as “a humiliatin’ climbdoon”.

Just Say Yes Scotland Limited denied that those who simply followed the @justsayYESScotland account on Twitter or liked the Just Say Yes Scotland Facegimmick page were ever listed as “normal”, insisting this was only the case for those who looked at or thought about looking at the site.

New secret legislation, The Reception of Thoughtcrime Scottish Telluscommunications Act 2012, allows anyone suspected of anti-Scottish thoughtcrime activity to be considered a Just Say Yes supporter in order to appease their would be political masters.


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