All the eejits are pointing to a ‘Yes’ vote

By Moan McVulpine on May 29, Whaur’s mah vino?

THE ‘JUST SAY YES’ campaign already has 10,000 reasons to be laughed at and it’s rising all the time. By the end of the weekend, 2500 volunteers will be crippled due to self-inflicted humour by-passes.

The non-event on Friday, with Alan Cumming, Brian Cox, Martin Compston and Elaine C Smith, was a wet fart that couldnae even go the whole hog of being considered a solid jobby.

The real work however will be done tedious cliche by tedious cliche.

The campaign website getitupye’ uses the techniques that helped Barack Obama go from unknown outsider to US presidential sellout. It’s a bit like a political Facegimmick that allows you to connect with other Braveheart Commandos and Cybernatterers.

You can upload your own propaganda, such as a short rant, saying why you don’t believe in the YES campaign .

Every time you recruit someone, or spread the word, you earn points – just like Tesco and Boots.

Top performers get a virtual pat on the heid each day. Disinterest, due to it being lunchtime, prevents me disclosing my own position.

The Unholy Alliance Pollsters keep crowing about support for independence being confined to the sentimenatilist population of Auld Alba.

That’s a no bad analyis of the situation and, with the campaign seeming to have been going on forever, a rock-solid lack of interest from two-thirds of the population is hardly surprising.

Research shows if 10 per cent of people don’t give a wholehearted  fig about a cause, the majority will eventually be bored to tears ‘n’ aw.

In the words of Victor Hugo: “A faith is a necessity to a man. Woe to him who believes in the Yes campaign being victorious.”


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