SNP must learn to speak new language

The SNP leadership are now speaking a form of SNP Doric that grassroot activists no longer understand. AhDinnaeKen takes a delve into the causes of the consternation. Here’s oor guide to whit they said, whit they meant and whit happened.

By Whitjay Sae

AULD NICK STURGEON March 2012 On Cooncil Elections

We are not like Labour, we take nothing for granted, we will work hard for every vote.

“The people who will decide the election here in Glasgow and in every part of Scotland are the voters.

“But we face here a Labour Party that is crumbling before our eyes, a Labour Party that is discredited, that is losing councillors hand over fist.

“We are working hard in Glasgow and we are working hard right across our country.

“We are fighting hard to win the local elections in every single part of Scotland.”

ALS Interpreter Bunny: We are gonnae take Glasgow cos Labour are rubbish and we are the peepel who believe in FREEEEEDDDDDOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!

What Happened: Labour creamed the SNP in Glasgow to the leadership’s consternation and bafflement. Sun King Alex of Salmond’s ‘bounce’ effect was more a burst baw effect. Referendum in 2014 now has virtually no chance of hitting 50+ percent.

KENNY MACNAESKILL Feb 2012 On Prison Advocacy Service

 “We are showing a willingness to debate and discuss. I think what we have heard is that visiting committees were set up in 1871 – Scottish prisons are vastly different and Scottish prisoners have vastly different needs with drugs, alcohol and mental health issues.”

ALS Interpreter Bunny: 1.66% of respondents agreed with our new state sponsored service (1 out of 60). That’s guid enough for me to go aheid wi’ this.

What happened: Kenny MacNaeskill is doing away with the independent prison visiting committees leaving Scotland’s justice system open to the following claim: “This happens in totalitarian states such as Syria and was common in South American dictatorships”. Weel din Kenny, a brave new vision for criminal justice in Scotland.


SUN KING ALEX OF SALMOND – May 2011 On outlook for Brave New Nation

“The nation can be better, it wants to be better, and I will do all I can as First Minister to make it better. We have given ourselves the permission to be bold and we will govern fairly and wisely, with an eye to the future but a heart to forgive”.

ALS Interpreter Bunny: I am prepared to boldly let corporate sharks and shysters into my beloved Nationalist fiefdom. Have I not forgiven Murdoch for Milly Dowler. Welcome to the new look corporate Scotland.

What happened: Sun King Alex jumped into bed with every corporate huckster he could (excepct for Diageo’s Paul Walsh). Walked over local democracy, walked over corporate tax issues a la Amazon, walked over media and social morality and walked over republican dissenters within the party.

There you have it. As the Sun King is due to unleash the vision for Braveheart Scotland, we can expect more of the same snake oil political puff, only cheaper and with less credibility.

What am I going to vote – Ah Dinnae Ken.




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