Cameron accepts he won’t be around by 2014

Prime Minister Damocles Cameron of the Unholy alliance makes first of many expected concessions to gloating Scottish government

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” Damocles Cameron regrets having done none of these things.

By Inevit Able

DAMOCLES CAMERON last night publicly caved in to the belief he wont be around to see 2014.

The Prime Minister said he wasn’t “too fussy” about the timing of the Scottish Referendum because the Inralavyson witch hunt will have publicly “burned him at the stake” by then.

He said: “Independence isn’t going to be on my watch so I don’t really give too much of a fag as I’ll be a political dead man anyway.”

Mr Cameron’s public declaration of the inevitable is expected to lead to a worrying drop in the membership of the SNP.

Only last week, Michael Moore, the Scottish Secretary deluded himself into believing that anything Damocles Cameron said could be taken seriously.

He said: “You need look no further than the great success of the Inralavyson inquiry to realise that DC has not only ridden but backed the wrong horse. Lol.”

A senior Scottish Government spokesperson, Bruce Crawingford, told AhDinnaeKen Mr Cameron’s remarks were an inevitable development of their private quid pro quo settlement for securing just one question on the ballot paper. He stressed this matter no longer matters to Cameron.

Mr Crawingford added: “The terms and the timing of the referendum are matters to be decided by Goebbels Murdoch not imposed by the Westminster walking dead.”



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