Labour and Tories to be merged under new political reform

As analysts continue to pour over what the results and figures of voting patterns in this month’s cooncil elections actually mean, Sun King Alex is quick to captialise on an opportunity to berate the Tory and Labouring parties over Stirling while conveniently ignoring Edinburgh.

The new look political cap for the single political party mooted for Scotland

The New look logo for the Scottish Enfranchised Party

By Con Temptuous

SUN KING Alex of Salmond has described the attempt to drop the names of several historic Scots political parties as “contemptuous”.

The anointed one’s comments follow speculation that cap badges belonging to parties such as the Labouring party, the SNP and the Tory party will go as part of electoral restructuring plans.

Sun King Alex also accused ministers at Bloodyrude of underestimating the general apathy such a move would provoke in Scotland.

The Tories and Labourers said no final decision had been made on the issue despite the events at Stirling bridge.

Scotland’s three main parties were amalgamated in varying degrees following cooncil elections in early May.

In Stirling the Tories amalgamated with the Labouring party and in Edinburgh the SNP merged with the Labourers.

Current opinions being considered by the Scottish electorate could also see interest in voting being cut to less than 32%.

Speaking during First Minister’s Quizlings, the Sun King said that despite commitments given by parties in the past, political party traditions in Scotland were being “traduced”.

He said the Scottish electorate had already provided clarity on the issue by not voting at all.

He added: “These results showed the complete contempt with which the majority of voters hold the three main Scottish parties.”


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