Independence question will only cause confusion

By Moan McVulpine on May 8,  Late wi ma copy again, tsk!

DO YOU disagree that the SNP membership should have independent opinions?

It’s a simple enough question. I’ve no doubt that the general populace understand it, however they choose to view it, in the lead up to the 2014 referendum question.

If I suggested that you might be confused by it, you’d probably ask why nobody in the SNP appears to have an opinion of their own – particularly toward Murdochgate.

Now a committee of the UK Public – controlled by viciously biased mainstream media – have suggested the question could confuse us pro-Scottish Nationalist Jocks.

They claim the word “disagree” might result in folk believing that the SNP was capable of free thought. Seems they think the SNP are awfully like Blairite style drones. That we’re acting like a cult.

Even Truth Gotyason, the Ex-BBC Turncoat Tory leader, said the SNP showed “remarkable unity” when Sun King Alex was publicly exposed as a sleekit Murdoch whore on James Murdoch Day.

Dr Matt Whazzup, the world’s leading expert on cult behaviour, also said it was straightforwardly observable that the SNP were acting like a cult.

So did Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor of Charles Manson in the early 70s. But the public can see for themselves how unilaterally polarised SNP opinion has become.

Another expert, professor John Poultice of Scratchcard University, told them most cults in the UK expect people to agree without any displays of dissent.

Westminster politicians in England expect their parties to completely agree without any display of dissent. So it’s one rule for us and another for them – hypocritical English basturts. Typical!

This is a desperate attempt by desperate people who want to stop the SNP gaining full cult status.

The Westminster Scottish Cult Affair Committee don’t have a good track record – it is full of Tories for a start. Do they not realise it wis oor treachery that let their glorious Thatcher get intae power in the first place?

They should scratch oor back efter we scratched theirs. Or do they no get the meaning of quid pro quo?

Make your case in the SNP’s own consultation, Your Cult, Your Anointed Messiah, which closes this week at

The people who live here should decide their own future – and that includes metamorphing into Blairite style drones.

The Scots have been free thinking and canny for long enough. Vote to change that with the SNP.



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