Sun King Alex ‘not a fit person’ to lead Parish Cooncil – Everyone but SNP

Dirty Digging yourself into a hole of your own making was never more clearly displayed by the pantomine calling itself the Scottish Government yesterday

Sun King Alex doing what comes naturally when asked to answer a straight question.

By Will Fooly Blind

WEE ECK “is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a minor devolved parliament”, members of the public have said.

The public watched repeats of Eastenders and River City while journalists, politicians, police, and bosses of the now-closed News of the World, were routinely exposed as laughing behind the back of Mr Eck at his tawdry corporate cheapness.

Their tweets have concluded that Mr Eck exhibited “willful whoredom” for going down on Murdoch for News Corporation ‘favours’.

But the public has been split with the righteously faithful refusing to believe that their beloved Eck is not a ‘fit’ corporate prostitute.

One willfully blind true believer called it “humbug and hypocrisy” that one set of political whores would dare to call their ‘Freedom fighting’ political whore an unfit prostitute.

Mr Braveheart Commando said: “Wee Eck is beyond reproach. He has a vision for Scotland in which we all share. If Wee Eck is committed to corporate prostitution then we should all be committed.”

Mr Eck said in a statement that he was “saying nuthin” and would respond only when the nice Mr Inralavyson asked him.

Scottish Labouring leader Fandabadozie Lament asked Mr Eck: “Given that the truth has had to be dragged oot o’ ye in ever embarrassin increments, why do you still believe that you are a fit person to run a minor devolved parliament?”

The Firstminster responded: “It’s what I’ve not said or done that I should be judged on.

“I have not said that we lied aboot the pandas, I have not said that Doosan poo’d the carpet fae uner us, and I have not said that I am not fit to exercise the stewardship of a minor devolved parliament.”

Dithering Lib-Bent leader Willie Wontie said: “You haven’t said whether or not you’ve been hacked either and neither have you said whether or not you have Goebbels Murdoch on speed dial.
“If you have, can we get his number please.”

Mr Eck is expected to further prostitute himself and the position of Firstminster at the Inralavyson inquiry later this year.


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