We won’t change tack on not tackling corporate gangsters


By Moan McVulpine on Apr 24, Christ I’m late

GANGSTERS ARE famous for demanding their cut – no matter who gets hurt.

When the Murdoch mafia said they were gonnae gie Scotland some richt guid publicity, we thoucht it would be a guid thing.

So long as we kept shtoom aboot it – the SNP are guid at keepin shtoom.

But pare Alex has been fun oot fur bein a message runnin patsy for the News International gangsters.

Noo that the cat’s oot the bag, Alex’s credibility is reduced by at least 100 per cent.
He’s ended up lukin a bit like a Murdoch lapdug – like Blair’s relationship wi Bush so tae speak.

This has aw cum aboot because we’d jump into bed wi’ onybudy jist to get some real power for oorsel’s.

For the poor, naive and stupit, we like to caw it self-determination. Fir the mair sophisticatet, caw it media/corporate hoordom.

Around 5.2 million vulnerable people in Scotland get the benefit of the SNP’s choice to be Murdoch empire lickspittles.

And luk at the 6666 Amazon workers who get the opportunity to be corporate slaves – it’s aw thanks tae us – the SNP.

It makes me prood to represent the SNP, who were elected by the Scots to send a clear message to the main parties that Scotland disnae like them ony mare.

So, whit o’ the other political parties?

Murdoch’s handed them a gilt edge club with which to beat us fir a bit.

Thank Christ Labouring leader Fandabadozie Lament cannae string a sentence the gither if it’s aff script.

Wee Wullie Wontie, the LibDem leader,  is a wee jobby and maist folk don’t even know who he is.

And as for Truth Gotyason of the Tories – remind me of where that line in the sand is noo.

With the election coming up we should be gettin ready for crawin time.

Unless, of course, the daft anti-Scots element of the electorate are taken in by the scurrilous accusations levelled at Sun King Alex by the abusive forces of oppression in the Unholy Alliance.

That jist widnae be fair, so we’ll keep shtoom on that.




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