U-turn cos we want to

Unholy Alliance says upcoming SNP manifesto changes are ‘hysterical’ wind farming

By Toofaced Ansleekit

CLAIMS THAT independence will be damaged by the wind of manifesto changes blowing through the SNP are based on “emotion, hysteria and conjecture”, an independence group has said.

Hamish Heckler, of the Scotch Democratic Alliance, told MSPs there was “little evidence” of the changes interesting voters.

Mr Heckler said that manifesto change research was last carried out in 2011 but was now “way out of date.”

But the Ditherers Scotland Group claimed fundamental manifesto tinkering threatens the SNP’s integrity and core support.

Giving evidence to Bloodyrude’s Plausibility Committee, which is looking into the actual chance of pulling off independence in 2014, Mr Heckler said: “Much of the argument so far has been from the emotional side.

“Everyone has a view that longstanding principles should be adhered to.

“But, gie a megalomaniac a whiff o’ the idea o’ a’ smidgeon o’ power and everything gets ditched.”

He said there were about four or five manifesto pledges due for the boot, with another 24 under consideration, but admitted there were many unanswered questions about their impact.

Mr Heckler added: “What we end up with is extreme views and cybernat wars on Twitter, Facebook and the Blogosphere.

“What we hear is the extreme views, the hysterical people who say ‘we don’t want manifesto changes’, but that is just emotional.”

However, pressure group Scottish Ditherers said the changes were threatening the SNP’s reputation as a party with socially just policies and a distinct difference from other parties.

Long Shanker, lead proponent of the Ditherers said in response to Mr Heckler’s comments: “I agree there is an issue with timing and the position is inconclusive.

“But Christ, it would be unpardonable folly to join Nato noo, or doff the Tam O’Shanter tae the Queen – and don’t get me sterted on nuclear submarines, never mind Corporate governance.”

The Scottish government said the likelihood of indie smooth had continued to grow, and if it meant ditching a few core manifesto principles then so be it.


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