SNP manifesto packaging consultation begins in Skintland

Changes to over the counter manifesto packaging results in SNP looking and sounding like all other political parties.

By Dissy Luzion

A CONSULTATION on whether SNP manifesto pledges should be sold in plain packaging has been launched in Skintland.

The Skintland Cooncil is wurkin wae its pals in the rest o’ the rump UK.

The  public will be asked whether changes would have an impact on their  voting habits and reduce the credibility of the party.

Plainly packaged pledges would consist of no definable differences from Unionist party pledges and include a standard currency, Nato membership, Corporate governance  and good old Queenie as the head of state.

Voting for Nationalist independence, on current evidence, would account for no change in Skintland other than Fat Boab Salmond’s coopon being on the telly every nicht.

Treating people with independence-related conditions costs NHS mental health bods about £1314 every year.

Robotic Gauleiter for Public Health, Michael Manicson, said: “Dealing with real world politics remains one of Skintland’s most significant poltical health challenges and is the least preventable cause of about turns in Skintland.

“We want to hear as many views as possible about whether manifesto packaging should remain unchanged, plain packaging should be adapted or realpolitik about turns should be considered.”

The consultation will be open for new ideas from 16th April tae as long as it takes.

The governmentt would like any person wi’ hauf an idea o’ whit they’re daein tae gie them a haun cos they’ve rin oot a puff.

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