Why Mike Rust-ell is the creepiest SNP Gauleiter at Bloodyrude

Those who can teach, teach. Those who can't teach become Gauleiter for teaching

Stirling Univeristy research finds sight of creepy Mike Bernhard Rust-ell induces pure anxiety in teachers and parents

By Wurkit Oot

MIKE BERNHARD Rust-ell, the Gauleiter of Science, Education and National Culture continues to “creep out” and “frighten” teachers and parents according to the findings of research conducted by academics at Stirling University.

Their report suggested teachers broadly support hanging, electrocution or death by stoning for the Himmler look-a-like Gauleiter.

Many teachers also struggled to maintain professional composure in his presence, especially when school weans were in the same classroom.

The Scottish government said “great strides” had been made in making the Gauleiter appear, at least, human like.

Dr Markthe Priesty and Sara Polominty, of the School of Re-Education at Stirling University, carried out the research which showed that since the launch of the Indoctrination of Pure Excellence by Bernhard Rust-ell, teachers no longer viewed him as inhuman but something much more sinister.

It is the first extensive assessment of the Gauleiter since his introduction to the department of Science, Education and National Culture in 2009.

Dr. Priesty said: “The research aimed to identify which practices conducted by Gauleiter Rust-ell creeped teachers out the most.

“Readily identifiable traits such as his similarity looksways to Himmler are common knowledge and tend to creep anyone out – even researchers.

“Less common is the air of oleaginous oligophrenia given off by him while speaking in public or at the Big Bloodyrude Cooncil.

“Most likely though, and reinforced by an anonymous on-line consultation questionnaire, is the ghastly turning round of blame to teachers for what is a half baked, aimless, non-specifically defined, curriculum, destined to fail due to its foggy, politically correct, obfuscation.

“Being offered ‘help’ by Gauleiter Rust-ell was found to be as helpful and attractive as being offered a kiss by a wet leper.”


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