Scottish government’s manifesto advert banned

Holyrood Zookeepers gets sent homeward to think again aboot misleading  manifesto advertising

By Fun Oot

A Scottish goverment manifesto advert has been banned for suggesting Westminster had “gifted” two questions to the Holyrood Zoo.

It stated “the basturt English are gifting us two questions to put before the sovereign Scottish people in the independence referendum.”

The Zoo, currently run by the Scottish National Party, will pay an estimated £6m for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with Bullingdon Dave for the next six days in order to secure the second question, section 30 free.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the advert was misleading, after two complaints from two Unholy alliance parties.

Scottish Gauleiters said no money was yet due to be paid by either the Sun King or the Scottish Government to the Bullingdon Dave club for the two questions.

The advert had featured in newspapers under the headline: “Celebration of links between Lunchgate and Scotland as two questions are gifted on referendum.”

It went on to state: “Now in a symbolic gesture of mature and mutual cooperation between the countries, and following six days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper talks, the Tories are gifting two referendum questions for Scottish voting slips under the custodianship of a Scottish Electoral Commission.”

However the Advertising Standards Authority upheld the complaint saying: “We considered that voters would interpret the term ‘gifting’ to mean that the questions were given assent without payment.”

The watchdog ruled the advert must not appear again in its current form and added: “We told Sun King Alex of Salmond not to imply in future that he was interested in a second question.

“Everyone knows he is, but he mustn’t admit it for fear of upsetting his militant wing.

“We told the Sun King not to imply in future that the two questions would be provided without payment.”

Spokesperson for the Holyrood Zoo, Wee Naebudy said: “This is bad man. £6 million barely keeps the Sun King in tea and caramel wafers for a month, so it’s nae wunner we consider it to be nuthin, like a gift really.

“That ASA are nuthin bit a bunch a’ anti-Scottish Unionista basturts.”


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