Ex-Labour faither Job Galloway would now back himself

By Moan McVulpine on Apr 3, goin tae bed

I LOVE old crooks, so when I came across a 2012 by-electionography of Job Galloway, founder of the Nae-Respect Fir-hi’sel Party, I had to record it.

It’s wan o’ thae recorders that you get fur 50 English quid fae Argos on-line.

The opening scenes could gie today’s craze fur ‘no voting in disgust’ a run for its money.

Aged just 13, Galloway was forced to work as an election agent for a socialist party in Dundee.

His faither wis on the bru and the family sold most of their possessions jist to keep oot o’ Galloway’s road.

By 23, Galloway was the pits. He got a drubbing in a safe socialist seat aff ae an ‘independent’ wummin sick o’ his financial and behavioural ‘impropriety’.

It is said he spiritually died of a broken ego in 2003 when the Labour Party he belonged to kicked him oot for invoking the Arabs to attack ‘oor boys’.

We aw ken whit he thinks o’ his party noo – he wants back in it.

As a teetotaller fae the age of 18, he has thorougly backed the SNPs launch of Jakey Apartheid, to sort oot aw they wee neds that hing aboot mah local shop.

Galloway is passionate about himself and is a fully paid up member of the self appreciation society.

The man with whom he once shared a platform, Potty Sheridan, went on to do burd for systematic and sustained lying on oath.

Galloway’s integrity had long since died by that time, so we know he disnae care too much whit happened to auld Potty.

We know he’s kinda sympathetic.

Galloway has two passions – publicity for his self and arguing against anyone who daur’s disagree wi’ him.

He is one of Bradford’s political opportunists.

If asked to choose between political responsibility and financial responsibility, he would have sided with his sel’

As, I suspect, a member of the Nae-Respect Fir-hi’sel Party.

He is, in his own words, indefatigable!



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