Salmond and his grubby gangster should be told to keep it up


By Moan McVulpine on Mar 27   Jist oot o’ bed

PETER CRUDEARSE, the Tory Access Comptroller, is now a disgraced ex-Access Comptroller following the “Cam Dine With Me” scandal in which he offered businessmen, ‘Dominique Strauss-Kahnt’ style,  favours in return for ¼ Million Pounders.

The Murdoch ‘staatspolizei journalist’ who exposed Crudearse, recorded him calling Sun King Alex of Salmond the “Murdoch poodle” and bragging about how he had discussions with Bullingdon Dave on how to avoid independence through prima nocta.

The tawdry tale came as we discovered the Murdoch plan to use Sun King Alex, the anointed one responsible for our victory of righteousness, to mastermind his agenda to “stick it to Cameron”.

With shadowy characters like these pulling the strings, it’s key Scotland keeps ignoring who controls who in the Murdoch/Salmond intercourse.

Do you agree that Scotland should impoverish England and make her dangerous? It’s a clear and fair question.

It makes sense to have the vote in 2014, giving the Tories time to work their inimitable charm on the Scottish imagination.

Our young people aged 16 and 17 should be allowed a vote cos I’m on twitter and and can hing oot with them in the twits sphere.

So let’s tell Crudearse, Cameron and other victims of the Murdoch gangsters, of the future facing them in the next two years.

We live here and we are the best people to get manipulated by Plutocratic vested interests.

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