Underdogs get it right up them – Celtic 0 Killie 1

Killie victory over the ‘great unwashed’  forces of oppression is vicarious victory for every diddy team supporter considered too wee, too poor and too stupit to get the bus tae Glesca.

By Killie Tillahdie

OUTGUNNED, outnumbered and written off by all and sundry, Kilmarnock football team pulled a Belgian rabbit oot o’ the hat and delivered historical magic giving Killie supporters untrammeled bragging rights at least until they ‘get pumped’ by Motherwell next week.

AhDinnaeKen has followed Killie since 1974;  when Gordon Smith got called ‘Casper’ and taking a carey oot to the fitba was as natural as peeing on the guy in front o’ ye’s leg.

Moments of glory such as this don’t come often, but when they do they’re as as sweet as ambrosia and nectar gifted from the gods.

Cream on the top, of course, was provided by the  bitter bilious outpourings from Neil Soorgrapes Lemon claiming Killie didnae deserve the victory because the ref denied the Bhoys a penalty.

Our considered response to that is: “Ha ha ha, get it right up ye, ye’s lost fair and square tae the better team, get ower it.”

Part of the AhDinnaeKen entourage included an Englishman, Wavey Davey, the West Ham supporter, who has now become oor official lucky mascot.

Sporting an old ‘away’  Killie shirt, Davey brought a truly welcome alternative ‘interlouper’s’ view to the day’s proceedings.

On arrival at Hampden when asked how he felt he said: “Very English.”

During the game he incredulously  enquired of his fiancee: “Are Celtic really Scotland’s best team?”

At half-time while still 0 – 0,  AhDinnaeKen asked Davey what he thought of the game and of Celtic.

He replied: “A Championship team like West Ham or Reading or Southampton would destroy them.”

Cue much derisive laughter from the neutral-ish, no axe to grind, outsider Englishman’s view.

As you might guess, we’re nurturing the mother of all hangover’s today, but still can’t stop laughing with glee every time we see the Belgian birthday  boy’s present go into the back of the Celtic net.

Cheers to the forces of righteousness and it just goes to prove, occasionally Jack does get to kill a giant – even if that giant could’ve din wi’ a wash.

NB: Our thoughts are with Liam Kelly at this difficult time.


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