When Murdoch met Salmond

Secret discussions over the launch of The Scum on Sunday  reveals that the only difference between the SNP and the Unholy Alliance is the speed at which their knees hit the floor when Murdoch knocks on their door.

Giving money and power to government is like giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys


By Clan Destine

AN UNPUBLICISED meeting between Goebbels Murdoch and  Sun King Salmond cleared the way for News Inter-Nationalism to print the World Exclusive headline ‘Day of Ignominy’ when the Scum on Sunday was launched on February 26, according to new gossip at the steamy.

It was further revealed that Wee Naebudy, official spokesperson for the SNP,  sanctioned the release of the date of the Independence referendum which also formed part of the front page splash.

The unwelcome revelation comes at a time when The Sun King is under increasing pressure to distance himself from his ‘love in’ with Goebbels ‘loverboy’ Murdoch.

Already,  Wee Water Pistols, such as Potty Sheridan have been training their bi-focals on the cosy relationship.

And individual members of the Unholy Alliance have also brought their feeble might to  be ignored. LibBents, Labourers and even Tory Guides have all attempted to tarnish The Sun King’s teflon veneer, but to no avail.

Official media spokesperson for the SNP, Wee Naebudy, said: “They’re jist jealous. That’s aw it is. They’re jealous that he’s oor best pal noo and no theirs. We ken who to keep pals wi’. Goebby kens how to repay political favours fae his pals.”

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