Potty Sheridan accuses Kettle Salmond of black heresy

Convicted liar and notorious prostitute philanthropist casts stones regarding righteousness credentials of The Sun King

By Hippie Krit

FORMER LEADER of the People’s Front of Judea, Potty Sheridan, has accused Sun King, Alex of Salmond, of heretical political whoredom.

The former Big Brother blasphemer made the claim in SNP biblical studies site Pewsnet.

His venomous tirade of gibberish included claims that The Sun King, contributed a ‘slavish column to the first Sun on Sunday in Scotland’, served News Inter-Nationalist, Goebbels Murdoch, with, ‘…infamous tea and caramel wafers…’, and tried to ‘…get one of the big sharks on-side.’

‘All true – but who’s gonnae believe a lieing trumpeteer like him’ said relieved SNP disciples when it became clear that nothing the Weegie windbag says will ever be believed.

Blessed are the rich and powerful for they shall inherit Post-Independence Scotland

Sun King, Alex of Salmond, is used to deflecting blasphemous claims from the likes of the ‘unholy alliance’ but, when the source of the attacks are from pro-independence believers such as Potty Sheridan, he always treats them with the contempt they don’t deserve.

Unholy Alliance accuser, LibBent leader, Willie Wont-he, claimed that The Sun King was sucking off homophiliac businessman, Brian Souker, while advocating support for gay marriage.

Unperturbed by the potentially damaging claim, The Sun King said: “Let he who is without the Sun among you, cast the first stone. Itherways, shut yer geggy ya Tory fagging Liberal Judases.”

One unlikely supporter rallied to the defence of The Sun King.

Karm El Logg, spokesperson for caramel wafers said: “How dare Potty Sheridan call our wafers ‘infamous’, our products are as famous as a weel kent thing in Scotland.

“Sheridan’s hoping his accusations will stick, but they don’t have a Snowball in Bute House’s chance of survival.”


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