No one will stop me shrieking for Scotland

By Moan McVulpine

 A STOOSHIE was cooked up by the ‘unholy alliance’ around my column last week.

It was even the subject of The Sun King’s Confession Time in the Big Bloodyrude Cooncil.

Labourer, Tory Guide and LibBents joined hands to falsely claim that An Intolerantly Foxy Xenophobe had compared the union to domestic violence. Banged to rights. Eh?

No that I wid ever admit to it.

I have long campaigned for scolding rights against domestic opponents.  The column admitted the journalistic relationship inside the Daily Ranger was an abuse of free speech. The subsequent attacks were an attempt to frichten me and clip the column’s wings.

But Sun King, Alex of Salmond, threw back my bile at Fandabadozie Lament, the Labourer leader in Scotland, when she hud me on the ropes.

“There are plenty of abuses of power by the Firstminster in Scotland,” said the Sun King.  “The Teachers faced with teaching the Indoctrination of Pure Excellence are suffering from such an abuse of power.

“I regard the cuts to Megrahi’s prison sentence in Scotland as a huge abuse of power. And plans to replace the Murdoch Press in England with the Murdoch press in Scotland is an enormous abuse of power.”

When it comes to speaking up for abuse of power in Scotland, Sun King, Alex of Salmond, is not easily distracted.  And neither am I.



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6 responses to “No one will stop me shrieking for Scotland

  1. douglas clark

    So Longshanker, Joan McAlpine was wrong to use allegory? But it’s OK for you to put words you prefer into the mouths of politicians? Y’know when you put these inverted commas

    OK, got it.

  2. douglas clark

    No problem. I used to watch ‘That was the week that was’. You are confusing what you do for satire. They are not the same thing.

  3. douglas clark


    I tried this game once. It is rather hard to get anyone to drive by and comment on what you have to say, as you have found. At least I read your stuff and tell you where you are going wrong!

    Be grateful for small mercies. 🙂

    • Tried and died – obviously. Comments welcome, if not, AhDinnaeKer. You’ve told me nothing other than offer unjustified sour opinion. Be grateful I’m even replying.

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