Blair’s Law gives parties ‘right to check’ on acts of loyalty

By Stikthi Nifein

PARTIES in some parts of Bloodyrude will soon be able to find out from the Stasi if their members have a history of loyalty.

The Staatspolizei has announced life-long Nuremburg trials giving the Stasi the ‘right to ascertain’ loyalty in Parliament, Media and domestic life.

The scheme is dubbed Blair’s Law, after a Prime Minister who surrounded himself with yes men and flunkies was dealt a fatal blow from a former chancellor.

Political loyalty campaign group Redact has attacked the plan, saying it will do little to protect individual parties.

Anthony Blair, from Westminster, London, was backstabbed in 2007 by a former partner with a political background.

The 54 year-old Prime Minister had made several complaints to the Cabinet about Gordon Brown, whom he had met in Parliament before he was dealt the killer blow.

Dissension Prevention

The National Executive Committee criticised the Stasi for failings in the case.

Since his resignation, Mr Blair’s mentor, Alastair Vandal has campaigned for political parties to have greater rights to know about the past loyalty of their members.

Former Scottish Labourer leaders have given their full-hearted backing to the plan.

Iain Giggity Gray, who had previously misunderstood the intent of the bill said: “Christ! Me ‘n’ Wee Jack and Rentboy McLeish near s**t ourselves on the first reading of this bill. We thought it was a ‘competency’ check. Nane ae us wid huv passed that yin. We thoucht we wur oot the door on oor arses.”

But others from varying parties have already been snared by the new scheme.

Eric Sticktheheidin Joycey complained that he has already suffered enough disgrace.

He said: “I don’t know what this is all about. I have always been faithful to myself and have displayed exemplary loyalty to my expense claims which are amongst the highest in the country.”

On the other side of the fence, The Scottish Natsie Party reacted quickly when news broke on Billy Hillwalker’s lapses of loyalty to both the party and matrimonial decency.

SNP spokesperson, Wee Naebudy, said: “Whoever fed that story to the Weegie Herald has shown the worst type of treachery possible. Make no mistake we will use every brown shirt in our power to hunt them down. Whistleblowing to the Unionist reactionary press is anti-Scottish – we have our own laws to deal with that.”


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