Red Sheep savages Eternal Leader

Labourer Party Conference gains insight into News-Internationalism parties

Whit's Moet & Chandon ask these partying oysters.

Red Millibean and Bullingdon Dave cosy up to a propaganda philanthropist, yesterday

By Taka Drink

RED Millibean yesterday accused Kim Jong-Salmond of “failing” to challenge Goebbels Murdoch over shocking culinary malpractice at the propaganda philanthropist’s parties.

The Labouring leader stepped up the pressure on the Eternal Leader over his preference for tea and Tunnocks caramel wafers claiming that this sent a parochial anti-business message to the watching world.

He said: “News Inter-Nationalism has sullied the reputation of British culinary artistry. What is he going to do about that? Has he been saying they must clean up their act? Was he supporting the Buckfastyson inquiry?

“No. He said nothing about these issues. He was too busy cultivating his relationship with Murdoch’s Macaroon bars, Caramacs and White Lightning cider.”

Millibean went off script at the start of his speech to take a swipe at Bullingdon Dave’s love-in with Buckfast Tonic riding.

The Etonian Faghammer claimed he could ride a bottle of Buckfast in twenty-five seconds – faster than Millibean’s reputed time.

Millibean said: “Everyone knows I could drink him under the table. Toffs don’t know how to handle their Buckie.”


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