Windy Salmond gives Master Baker a blow job

By Derty Cant

This is a fight, a magical fight, wound up and ready to play.

But this fight can hide a secret inside.

Can you guess who’s in for it today?

Windy has a great view of all the unprotected special coastline ripped up by Master Baker Trumpton.

MASTER Baker Donaldan Trumpton is very cross today. Windy Salmond has moved his windmill to the seaside. And Master Baker Trumpton doesn’t like it one bit. He says that Windy is spoiling his view. But Windy is very proud of his windmill. No one will make him change anything. Have a drink of cider Windy says to Master Baker Trumpton. Windy would like to make his own cider. If only the Big Bad Unionists would let him.

Master Baker Trumpton doesn’t want cider today. He wants all of Windy’s flour. Windy is only allowed to make flour. Master Baker Trumpton uses Windy’s flour to make bread. Lot’s of bread. He says a mill by the sea will spoil his chance to make even more bread. Master Baker Trumpton makes Windy laugh. This makes Master Baker Trumpton angry. “I’m going to sue Camberscot Green” says Master Baker Trumpton. And he says Mr Cheeky CATS is with him. Windy laughs. He knows that irony was never Master Baker Trumpton’s strong point.

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