Dunderheid Gets Skelped Over Scotland

By Hate Blinded-Idiot

They avoid them here, they avoid them there

Those Cybernats are everywhere

Whit part did ye no understand?

The brave new warriors of the Caledonian race

Even when they’re left with egg on their face

CHECK oot the above rocket heid nipper. He maintains an argument with an experienced Guardian politico journo over the subject of a twitter sentence.

The crux of the article in question is contained in this paragraph:

“The front page story, described as a “world exclusive” about the “Day of Destiny”, was followed by a short article by the first minister applauding Murdoch’s decision to launch the paper.”

AhDinnaeKen admits we’re ignorant regarding the politics of independence. Indeed, that’s why we DinnaeKen. But even we’re not so ignorant that we cannae spot a dunderheid when we see one. If ‘…a short article by the first minister applauding Murdoch’s decision…’ isn’t an ‘endorsement’ then maybe there’s a chance that King Alex only visited Dirty Digger Murdoch 25 times to discuss how many rounds of golf they’d like to play with Combover Trump.

Check oot the full Guardian article here:


We welcome pithy/canny phrases which would sum up this eejit’s interpretation of English.

For example:

Cybernat gets erse embarrassingly skelped by Englishman.

You can’t make omelettes when the egg is all over your face.

What’s the point of wings when you cannae even fly?



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